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2017, July 1st:
Introduction of Mulidine Harmonie V3
2017, September 1st:
Mulidine Harmonie V3 win a "Gold Diapason"
2017, December 1st,
Mulidine Harmonie V3 win a "Reference award" from Haute Fidélité,

Marc Fontaine, Crista technologies et Mulidine wish you a very nice year 2018,



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›› Harmonie V3

At the top of the Mélomane range, the  Harmonie V3 is a very high resolution professional speaker for musicians, sound professionals and music lovers.


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›› Cadence

High definition Loudspeaker, the Cadence use a ribbon tweeter and a sophisticated load. It offers, to music lovers, a full and detailed reproduction, balanced and homogeneous. The Cadence offers a sincere musical pleasure and a lot of pleasure ...
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best choice

›› Allegretto V4

Fourth generation of a Mulidine "best seller" , the "Allegretto V4" represents the epitome of French tasteful.
Efficient, it uses the latest developments of the patented Mulidine load. Its components have been carefully developed to offer a right, faithful and sensitive music reproduction.
Elegant, it is available trimmed in natural wood veneer or lacquer.
Really manufactured in France, hand made process and components monitoring provide long-term maintenabilté guarantor of respect for the environment.
Easy to implement, it will give you a very long time of music great pleasures ...

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best choice

›› Bagatelle V2

Second-generation of Mulidine entry-level, the Bagatelle V2 has a new cabinet, according to the latest technical developments and new components.
Adorned with a real cherry veneer finish, it is manufactured in France and offers the brand recognized qualities: sincerity, liveliness, no ear fatigue. A true gateway to the world of music ...

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gold diapason 2011 best choice

4 items found in Awards
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